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TOTAL PROGRAM MERCHANDISING: Red Steer Glove is very focused on in-store merchandising support.  Because we understand that gloves are largely an impulse buy, our hang   tags    are   designed   specifically   to   grab   the   attention   of   consumers   at   the   point   of   sale.      Color   coded   by   glove   category   and   featuring   eye catching   graphics,   Red   Steer’s   hang   tags   not   only   help   facilitate   the   impulse   buy,   but   also   help   to   organize   your   glove   section.      This   attention to   detail   ultimately   helps   the   consumer   quickly   find   what   they’re   looking   for   and   gives   your   glove   set   a   clean   and   professional   feel   -   whether you’re carrying 2 feet or 40 feet of gloves. Free   standing   floor   displays   featuring   eye   catching   consumer   friendly   signage,   power   panel   displays,   countertop/shelf   displays,   clip   strips, and   promotional   valuebin   displays   allow   for   even   further   versatility   in   merchandising   your   red   steer   glove   program,   and   are   ideal   for   high traffic areas.
DIRECT IMPORTING: Red Steer’s direct importing service is designed exclusively for high volume distributors.  By utilizing our decades of experience and strong relationships with our factories overseas, Red Steer is able to broker product at an outstanding value without compromising quality.  Minimum order quantities apply.  Ask our sales team for details. PRIVATE LABELING & BRANDING: Interested in high quality gloves featuring your own private hang tag or label? Red steer can help.  Our low cost private labeling & branding services allow high volume distributors the opportunity to sell their own brand.   Minimum order quantities apply.  Ask our sales team for details. DROP SHIPMENTS: Cut down on shipping time and keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket by utilizing Red Steer’s drop shipment service at no added charge.  Minimum order quantities apply.  Ask our sales team for details. CUSTOMIZED SALES MATERIALS: Red Steer appreciates your business and we’re here to help you grow your glove business.  Customized catalogs, planograms, and sales sheets, are available upon request.  No customer is “too small” to receive our unique brand of individualized service.