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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Can I buy Red Steer Glove products from you direct? A: Red Steer Glove Company sells gloves to distributors and retailers for resale purposes only. Unfortunately, we cannot sell directly to consumers. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of Red Steer gloves, please contact us. If you are a consumer interested in purchasing gloves in bulk, please contact Oregon Glove Company for further information. Red Steer Glove company does not sell gloves to consumers in small bulk, but Oregon Glove Company may be able to assist you. Q: There are no prices listed on your website.  Can you tell me how much a specific glove costs? A: Retailers of Red Steer Glove Company products determine all retail pricing; we cannot quote prices on our website.  Q: I’m looking for a certain glove style and don’t see it on your website.  Is it available? A: Our website lists all gloves currently produced by Red Steer Glove Company. If the glove you are looking for is not on the website it has been discontinued and is no longer available.  Red Steer is constantly updating it’s glove product line to introduce new products that better suit or loyal customer’s needs. Q: Why do you discontinue products? A: Red Steer is constantly updating it’s glove product line to introduce new products that better suit our loyal customers’ needs.  There are many reasons a certain glove style might be discontinued.  We are confident our product offering at any given time will meet the needs of our consumers. Q: How do I identify the Red Steer glove style number of the gloves I have? A: The Red Steer style number is located on the product ticketing attached to the glove at the time of purpose.  Unfortunately, the numbers listed on the tags inside the glove do not always identify the specific style of glove.  Please view the Products section of our website to help you determine specific glove style numbers.  Q: Do you offer any warranty or repair services for your gloves? A: Red Steer guarantees all it’s products to be free from manufacturers defects at the time of sale.  If by chance you purchase gloves with a manufacturing defect, return them to the retailer whom you purchased them from immediately.  Red Steer does not offer any warranty on it’s products and does not offer any repair services for torn or worn out gloves.